Breathwork is an active breathing meditation that uses a repetitive breath pattern to flush the body with oxygen. This breathing pattern allows you to drop into an altered state and clear stuck energy in the body. Participants commonly express experiencing a release (both emotional and physical) and heightened clarity and focus after a session.

Breathwork sessions can recalibrate the nervous system and result in an open heart and greater love for self, healing of grief and trauma, and increased joy, happiness, and abundance.


In a typical 60-minute session, we spend 10-15 minutes checking in about your intentions and teaching you the breath pattern. You’ll be lead through about 30 minutes of breathing, which you’ll complete lying down. During the breathing portion, it’s typical for people to have physical, mental, and emotional experiences. Sometimes it’s only one and sometimes all three! You may experience deep rest and relaxation, feel energized and clear, or process stuck emotions. Each time is different. After breathing, you’ll rest and relax. You will then be guided out of the experience, we’ll briefly chat, and you’ll be on your way.

Each private one-on-one breathwork session is tailored specifically to you, your intentions and your healing needs. Using an ancient meditation practice called pranayama yoga, we will move stuck energy out of the body and tune into your truth.


As you begin to breathe with my guidance, you will experience a tangible sense of dropping into your body. I will guide you in learning to identify the somatic markers of when your system is activated and when it is regulated.

Rapid and deep breathing leads us to release more carbon dioxide from the body than usual, causing the blood to become more alkaline and retain more oxygen. If you notice heaviness or tension while you’re breathing, it’s your body’s way of showing you where you’re holding tension or trauma. 

At times you might experience energy discharge and the felt sense of space in your body as you unwind past patterns that are no longer needed in present time. You might also experience an awakening in your heart or intuitive opening. I’m here as your guide, to hold witness space for your process and encourage your transformation. Sessions will be led in a safe and co-regulated energy field. Together we will create an environment that supports your highest potential no matter what you are seeking.

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Breathe with Brie


  • aid positive self-development

  • boost immunity 

  • expressing and releasing emotion, anxiety and pressure 

  • process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma 

  • develop life skills 

  • develop or increase self-awareness

  • enrich creativity 

  • releasing trauma or mental, physical and emotional blocks

  • improve personal and professional relationships

  • increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem

  • increase joy and happiness

  • overcome addictions  

  • less driven by your emotions and more guided by your intuition

  • reduce stress and anxiety levels 

  • release negative thoughts 

  • grief trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)