I believe that radical change begins with a spark from within. We all have the power to choose the direction of our lives. It takes introspection, awareness, and connection from our breath to our minds.  

I've worked as a behavior therapist for the past decade, and I specialize in emotional trauma healing. I'm also a breathwork facilitator, a trauma-informed mentor, and a yoga teacher. I use these 3 main modalities for my healing practice.


My mission is to educate humans on behavior changes and parenting types that lead to adult insecurities so you can heal your core emotional wounds. I guide womxn in their journeys to help them eliminate self-doubt, create space for clarity in their goals and direction toward their happiest, healthiest selves.

Now, I use my story, expertise, and the RISE method to help propel my clients forward. My relatability, empathy, and optimism make me more than a coach — I genuinely get it, because I’ve been through it myself.

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