Rooted  Renewal

5-Day Small Group Healing Journey

Breathwork Sessions - Daily Reflection - Supportive Community

May 11 -15


5pm PST / 8pm EST (60 minutes)


Program Cost: $99


We’ll each set bold intentions for whatever has been/is rising to the surface and ready to heal.


5 days of group breathwork


 You’ll be supported in a nurturing container as you clear out anything that’s ready to heal and move. This offering is for a group of ten humans ready to take advantage of this juicy moment in time to heal and grow!

5 LIVE Virtual Breathwork sessions hosted on Zoom.



Designed to clear out anything between you and your vision. 

“Brie led us in an epic 2 part breath journey. I am an advanced practitioner of different breathwork modalities, but her instruction and technique took me to a place I have not been before. She had excellent cues and kept us engaged and on the task. Her music kept me focused and vibrates throughout my body. She is a great teacher and I cannot wait to hire her again. WOW.”

— Todd B.

5 days of group breathwork & virtual community

May 11- 15 2020

Only 10 spots available!

After the 5 days, you’ll also have access to the ROOTED RENEWAL Private Facebook Group to continue your supported journey.

Daily Reflection

A simply structured approach to your self healing journey. 5 days to deep dive together. Using Breathwork & looking inward, we'll be writing through our own personal challenges. 

Supportive Community

Courageous souls are coming together to use this time to heal and grow. We’ll share daily intentions, reflections, and cheer each other on.


Commit to intentionally creating space for the life you want while simultaneously letting go of suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs. No more distractions. It’s time to do "the work" of coming home to yourself and to be supported while you do it.

Times of activation offer opportunities for deep healing.

Breathwork is an active meditation practice that flushes the body with oxygen and clears stuck energy. This breathing pattern allows you to drop into an altered state and clear stuck energy in the body. Participants commonly express experiencing a release (both emotional and physical) and heightened clarity and focus after a session. Breathing moves our energy, so we can access the level of clarity that helps us connect to our true essence, our spirit, as well as to others. With this practice, we can accelerate our healing, our growth, our purpose, and find passion in our day-to-day life.

I’ve been practicing breathwork techniques and yogic breathing for several years. Nothing has helped me unlock the root cause of my issues, helped me overcome self-doubt, anxiety quicker than breathwork. Breathwork has brought me into the present moment in a way I’ve never experienced before.  My breathwork practice has created LASTING change and has aided in my continued growth and clarity. Learning to use the power of my own breath to clear, heal and empower every aspect of my life is why I am called to share this accessible and life changing practice with as many humans as possible. It hasa way of giving you exactly what you need in the moment.

who this is for

  • Humans who are ready to do the work, ditch anxiety and self-doubt

  • Humans who are ready to experience more freedom and joy

  • Humans who may be nervous, but feel a nudge that’s there more out there for them

  • Humans who are open to using Breathwork as a tool for clearing and expansion​

what this is

  • A supportive online community that encourages exploration of a powerful practice

  • A self-guided, facilitator-supported opportunity

what this isn't

  • 1:1 coaching and support

  • an in-person mentorship group


  • aid positive self-development

  • boost immunity 

  • expressing and releasing emotion, anxiety and pressure 

  • process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma 

  • develop life skills 

  • develop or increase self-awareness

  • enrich creativity 

  • releasing trauma or mental, physical and emotional blocks

  • improve personal and professional relationships

  • increase confidence, self-image, and self-esteem

  • increase joy and happiness

  • overcome addictions  

  • less driven by your emotions and more guided by your intuition

  • reduce stress and anxiety levels 

  • release negative thoughts 

  • grief trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)